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Store Telling. Rianne Petter

Rianne Petter kwam naar De Monsterkamer om papier te zoeken voor het boek STORETELLING – Creating brand spaces where shoppers become buyers van entrepreneur and in-store marketing specialist Ed Tchai. Rianne zocht o.a. een extra wit gestreken papier; er is er eigenlijk maar één die er echt uitspringt qua witheid: Heaven42.

“We live in a digital world where a growing number of shopper brands seem to have forgotten about the power of in-store communication. Everyone knows that shoppers continue to make over 80% of their buying decisions on the shop floor.

Storetelling by author Ed Tchai reaches out to all those brands and retailers who want to be more successful. The entrepreneur and in-store marketing specialist has worked for global shopper brands. His book offers new insights and smart solutions, combining the latest trends with best practices. He demonstrates how brands can remain competitive and invest in the relationship with shoppers.

The starting point is the DNA, the physical appearance and the footprint of the brand in shopping environments. Point of sale is no longer appropriate to turn shoppers into buyers. It is all about creating a point of experience in an omnichannel world.”

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