De Monsterkamer

Re-Printed Matter. Karel Martens

Karel Martens kwam naar De Monsterkamer om een omslagkarton te zoeken voor de herdruk van zijn boek Re-Printed Matter. Het ging in eerste instantie om een stofomslag, maar later is er dit karton uit gekomen.

The work of Karel Martens occupies an intriguing place in the present European art and design landscape. His work is both personal and experimental. At the same time, it is publicly answerable. Over the decades of his practice, Martens has been prolific as a designer of books. Intimately connected with this design work has been his practice as an artist. This started with geometric and kinetic constructions, and developed in work with the very material of paper.

In response to continued demand, the book has been extended to 2019 and appears now in this fourth edition presenting almost sixty years of practice.

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