De Monsterkamer

Iris Exchange. Jan-Pieter Karper

Ontwerper Jan-Pieter Karper en fotograaf Robert Glas kwamen naar De Monsterkamer om papier uit te zoeken voor het omslag voor het boek Iris Exchange.

Iris Exchange revolves around 44 photographs of eyes. The images have been taken from a research report published by the US governmental agency NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology). Using a dataset of 6,142,289 iris images, the report is one of many conducted by the agency and it has contributed directly to a widely adopted ISO standard for the capture and storage of iris images. This has been a key development for a global industry of iris recognition that is both competitive and interoperable. The publication is an attempt to give an exact as possible answer to the question: whose eyes were the IREX researchers looking at?

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