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The Antalis Hong Kong memo calendar 2014

Every year, Antalis Hong Kong collaborates with local designers to create their promotional calendar. This year they worked with Hong Kong-based office Milk Design. The result of this collaboration is the charming Antalis memo calendar 2014.

On top of creating a functional calendar, Milk Design set out to use Antalis paper as a means to allow users to plan their schedule more conveniently. In doing so they hope to have designed an object that will grace desktops well after 2014 has ended. Their paper choice doesn’t hurt; there is one eco version using waste paper collected from Antalis and four colour versions using fine coloured paper from Skin curious collection®. Skin is a range of papers from Arjowiggins Creative Papers that offer amazingly even matt colours that are silky smooth to the touch. The vibrant, contemporary colours will set off any design.

The set comes with a memo pad set especially designed for inserting into the paper block. Dates are marked on top of the paper block, to be cross-checked with the rotatable monthly calendar printed at the front. The idea is to plan your schedule by just inserting all your daily memos, business cards, tickets, receipts or important notes into the paper block according to the date markings.

In a time when even the most hardcore paper lovers among us tend to look towards digital solutions for our functional planning needs it is nice to see Milk Designs attempt to use paper to create a truly convenient multifunctional object. The rest of 2014 will show whether their system of rotating cards and inserting receipts works as such, but they will definitely have succeeded at producing a lovely, tactile object to counterbalance our digital lives.

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