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“Subtle” the Takeo Paper Show 2014

The Japanese paper mill and distributor Takeo CO., LTD. invited 15 creators including architects, illustrators, graphic designers and art directors to explore the material paper for their annual paper show.

Paper Flower by Haruka Misawa

The theme of the Takeo Paper Show 2014 is “subtle”. The word “subtle,” has multiple meanings; it can be defined as delicate or sensitive, precise, fine or wise.

Photo: Yoshihiko Ueda

“Subtle” is delicate, but not small, and is in fact a concept linked to the infinite world of sensory perceptions, from which we would like to look closely at the future of paper. The show is an experimental exploration around the theme “subtle”, an attempt to locate the roots of the allure of paper, that enigmatic incentive to the human experience.’

Noizarchitects explored new paper specimens which were released after 2011: FUUKOU, NT RASHA and BIOTOPE GA-FS.

Paper design by

Paper design by

Exhibition overview

“Paper itself is not inherently delicate. It is the perception elicited by paper in the user that is delicate. Paper is white and resilient. Its qualities affect us, awakening and nurturing exquisitely acute sensory perceptions that enable us to perceive even infinitesimal distinctions. Experiences rich with sensory perceptions are cultivated and realized, thanks to this white medium, fragile, easily soiled, gracefully evolving. Our senses enable us to perceive degrees of flatness, smoothness and softness imperceptible to precision measuring devices, they detect differences in color and flavour, indiscernible even by the most advanced sensors.”

Subtle, design by Kenya Hara

Spread from Subtle, design by Kenya Hara

The Takeo Paper Show 2014 ended on 1st of June. You can find the bilingual exhibition book “Subtle” in select libraries in Tokyo and online or visit the exhibition’s website:
The complete collection of Takeo papers can be found at De Monsterkamer in Amsterdam.