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New Gmund Colors = 48 colors + 4 surfaces

Two years of developmental work in Gmund’s creative laboratory. Finely harmonized, comprehensive, intensive and excellently combinable. All relevant color groups are represented in the 48 hues of Gmund Colors. There are gradations for the most important colors: 9 different blues, 4 cold and 5 warm grey nuances, 7 greens, 5 colors in the brownish spectrum and a perfect red. Alongside the look of the colors, this new system also takes into account potential applications for the papers. Blue leads the list of colors for corporate identity with a popularity of 70%, while brown and green stand for ecology and environmental protection. Warm “nude” tones appeal to customers’ hearts, and straightforward white is the preferred background for formal information.

With eyes closed, the average person can imagine about 30 different colors. A creative designer or visual artist can envision as many as 50. And a professional color expert can “see” approx 80 colors in their mind’s eye. After extensive research about colors and their perception, Gmund Paper discovered that 48 is the precise number of colors that most human beings can satisfactorily perceive and understand.

Gmund developed a total of 201 specifications in 48 colors and 4 surfaces.

Gmund Colors Matt has a natural aesthetic and a unique feel. Colored through and through, this handmade matte paper couldn’t be more authentic. The colors and tones can surprise, fascinate, stay understatedly in the background or simply “touch” their viewers.

Gmund Colors Felt with 9 selected colors and a palpably impressive surface. The felt pattern is applied to the moist fibres in the wet portion of the paper machine to create a thoroughgoing union among fibres, color and texture.

The Gmund Colors Metallic variants are a selection of 12 colors. With gently shimmery surfaces, a generous dose of pigments and the finest embossing, this assortment results from Gmund’s 40 years of experience in the fabrication of metallic papers. The shiny reflection and the three-dimensionality of these papers put every paper-based communication in the right light.

7 papers from Gmund Colors Transparent round out the collection. The colors are slightly translucent and transparent, yet also glowingly bright. The transparent version convinces viewers with intensively colored tones that combine with opaque papers to create ideal matches.

Everything is combinable, whether it’s metallic, transparent, felt or matt. Exactly identical colors with different surfaces make the selection unique. Systematic and mutually combinable.

About the Gmund Paper Mill:
Gmund has been synonymous with the culture of paper since 1829. Family-owned since
1904, the Gmund Paper Mill currently employs approximately 120 people and is directed by
fourth-generation paper maker Florian Kohler. The production takes place at Gmund on the
shores of Lake Tegernsee, where these impassioned paper makers rely on energy-efficient,
high-tech equipment to manufacture creatively designed papers. Innovation and ecology
are the focal points.

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