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Lukas Zimmermann about paper

What is your favorite paper and why?
My favorite paper is a brown recycled paper from ’Sealed Air’. This paper is used for the ’Pack Tiger’ paper cushioning system. Because of the dusty surface the paper can’t be used for offset printing. Nevertheless I use this rolled paper for letterpress printing.

Print on brown recycled paper from ‘Sealed Air’

Could you give an example of a design you created where paper played a special or particularly functional role?
I sometimes use paper with a surface structure like a woodchip wallpaper or Japanese paper (washi or wagami). The structure of this papers underline the visual effect of the print during the process.

Print on woodchip wallpaper

Print on Japanese paper

How important is the choice of paper in your designs? Do you spend a lot of time choosing the paper?
It’s quite important to find the best fitting paper for a project, especially when you are working on a lot of printed matter. But for a harmonious whole you will need a matching color and an appropriate design too.

Could you mention a designer whose paper choice appeals to you?
I remember a presentation of Will Holder (Goodwill) at the ’Museum für Gestaltung Zürich’. The special way he chooses paper for a project impressed me. I’ve never saw anything like that before.

Is there something missing in the current range of available paper?
There are never enough types of paper available. Sometimes I’ve got the feeling that I didn’t find the perfect paper for a specific project. In that case I will always try to find the most appropriate paper available.

What is you biggest frustration in the field of paper?
My biggest frustration is the difference between design and function. It often happens that I’ve found the perfect paper, but that it can’t be printed according to the print shop manager. Some papers don’t fit into their printing process.

Is it difficult or easy for designers in your country to find information on paper, paper samples and/or paper collections?
In general it’s not so hard to get the requested information from the local paper distributors. Most of them have their own paper samples. There is also a possibility to ask printing offices for professional advice.

How do you see the future of paper?
In my opinion paper is irreplaceable. I need it for my work and for living too.
Interview by De Monsterkamer with Lukas Zimmermann