De Monsterkamer

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Presentation: New G.F Smith collection

CHRISTIAANJANSSEN.NL and G.F Smith are pleased to invite you to the introduction of the new G.F Smith paper collection. After 18 months of preparation, G.F Smith produced a 1.5 kilogram, 403 page tome, bringing together 130 years of experience in paper and 45 brands.

  • Date: 17/06/2015 – 18/06/2015
  • Time: 17:00 - 18:00
  • Location: De Monsterkamer
  • Speaker: Jutta Birkenhauer (G.F Smith)

This new collection will be presented by Jutta Birkenhauer, international sales manager of G.F Smith and Christiaan Janssen on June 17 and 18 at De Monsterkamer. The event will start informally at 5 pm at studio/K (Timorplein 62) for a drink. At 5:45 we will present both G.F Smith and the new paper collection. The meeting will be concluded at De Monsterkamer where you can pick up your own copy of the book (one per company).

About G.F Smith
G.F Smith was founded in 1885 in Hull, UK and has always had a sharp focus on premium, high quality text and cover papers. As an independent merchant with offices and warehouses in Hull and London, G.F Smith has a special relationship with graphic designers. They don’t simply offer an excellent and quick service; they also manufacture envelopes in almost any size in any of their paper grades, starting at 200 pieces.

G.F Smith selects the best paper factories in Europe, North America and Japan, and ensures that they have a wide range in stock. From the central warehouse in Hull not only served customers in England but one also shipped to all corners of the world.

One of the leading products in the collection is Colorplan: an extensive range of colored paper and cardboard (50 colors – from 100 to 700 gsm) that is quickly available in a small quantity. Besides the potential for making envelopes, The Hull Factory also offer custom color combinations of up to 2100 gsm, via duplexing.

Colorplan has the unique finish of a premium uncoated paper and is often used for luxury products in the fashion industry, jewellery stores, premium packaging etc. Colorplan can be printed in offset, digital, screen printed, foil printed, letterpress. Colorplan can also be used in combination with scoring, laser cutting, and engraving techniques.


  • 17:00 Gathering in Studio/K
  • 17:45 Introduction of the new G.F Smith collection and Colorplan
  • 19:00 Drinks in De Monsterkamer and opportunity to pick up your own copy
  • 20:00 End