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Open doors + special guest This is a past event

Open doors + special guest: Remco van Bladel

De Monsterkamer hosts an Open Doors + Special Guest event every two months. Invited guest for the next session on June 2nd is Remco van Bladel (1977), graphic designer, publisher, tutor, curator and sometimes musician.

  • Date: 02/06/2016
  • Time: 17:00 - 20:00
  • Location: De Monsterkamer
  • Speaker: Remco van Bladel
  • Costs: Gratis

3 books designed by Remco van Bladel and awarded at The Best Dutch Book Designs

Remco van Bladel is co-founder of Onomatopee (a publishing house and presentation space in Eindhoven) and the online platform WdW Review of Witte de With in Rotterdam. The visual arts and sound art of the 20th century avant-garde have greatly influenced his practice, with its focus on language and typography. Each project is shaped by intense collaborations with artists, curators and programmers. Last year he was responsible for the design of the Dutch pavilion at the Venice Biennale and currently he is working on the development of a parliament for the Kurds in Rojava (Northern Syria) in collaboration with artist Jonas Staal and architect Paul Kuipers.

During his lecture at De Monsterkamer he will discuss the various roles he takes on as “designer”, his love of craftmenship, materiality and tactility, and how he incorporates this in various (digital) media.


Herman de Vries. To be all ways to be. Publisher Valiz. Especially for this publication and the exhibition in Venice, Remco van Bladel transformed the font Futura (Paul Renner) into the Natura.

Remco van Bladel studied at Academy St. Joost in Breda. His studio in Amsterdam primarily focuses on book design, (online) publishing projects, identities, exhibitions and interactive applications. His clients range from artists such as Navid Nuur, Jonas Staal, Erik van Lieshout and Gert-Jan Prins and institutions such as Witte de With, e-flux, New World Summit, Metropolis M, State Academy of Fine Arts, STEIM and Extra City Kunsthal, Antwerp. He teaches typography and graphic design at the ArtEZ Academy in Arnhem and he gives workshops and lectures at various art academies at home and abroad.


Yonder / Marnix Goossens. Roma Publication 202


New World Academy, Stateless States. Centraal Museum Utrecht, installation overview


The Kurdish People’s Parliament in Rojava (Northern Syria) under construction. Photo: Ernie Buts

The lecture will be in Dutch, but we can switch to English if required. Registration for the event is not necessary. You are welcome to join us for dinner afterwards at Studio/K at your own costs.


The activity program of De Monsterkamer is supported by Creative Industries Fund NL.


  • 17:00 Drinks
  • 18:00 Lecture by Remco van Bladel
  • 18:30 Questions/discussion
  • 19:00 Drinks
  • 20:00 End

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