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Open Doors + special guest Organised by De Monsterkamer This is a past event

Open doors + special guest: Niels Schrader

Every first Thursday of the month De Monsterkamer organizes an Open doors + special guest event. This time we invited Niels Schrader.

  • Date: 04/12/2014
  • Time: 17:00 - 20:00
  • Speaker: Niels Schrader
  • Organiser: De Monsterkamer

Niels Schrader (1977) is a concept-driven information designer with a fascination for numbers and data. He is founder of the Amsterdam-based design studio Mind Design and member of the AGI – Alliance Graphique Internationale. Next to his design practice, Schrader has been lecturing at various design academies such as Delft University of Technology and ArtEZ – Academy of Art & Design in Arnhem. Together with co-head Roosje Klap, he is currently running the Graphic Design department at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague.


Hyperbody – First Decade of Interactive Architecture (2012): Hyperbody takes its title literally and presents the content in the form of a non-sequential hyper-structure.

Before setting up his own studio in Amsterdam in 2005, Schrader had worked as a freelance designer for Uwe Loesch and Irma Boom. His portfolio of clients includes i.a. Museum of the Image, Museum De Paviljoens, Goethe-Institut Amsterdam and Rotterdam, Mondriaan Foundation, Berlage Institute, Leiden University, VU University Amsterdam, KCAP Architects & Planners, Jap Sam Books, Onomatopee and Slewe Gallery in Amsterdam.


Stationery for Dutch printer robstolk (2014), in collaboration with Gilles de Brock: Letter paper.

In his work, Schrader plays the role of both a mediator and a designer. He considers communication to be an interactive process that requires participation through questioning. Schrader’s projects frequently challenge the audience to experience the very means of communication by providing insights into the complex methods of information exchange.


Annual report Mondriaan Foundation (2009): Overview page as a visual metaphor for the Mondriaan Foundation being network hub.

Distillations (2013): omslag van Kathrin Schlegel’s Distillations. – Foto: Tycho Hupperets

Distillations (2013): Cover of Kathrin Schlegel’s Distillations. – Photo by Tycho Hupperets


Niels Schrader. Photo: Red Dot

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