De Monsterkamer

Company presentation Organised by G.F Smith & Christiaan Janssen This is a past event

G.F Smith launches Extract: paper from disposable cups

  • Date: 15/03/2018
  • Time: 17:00 - 20:00
  • Location: De Monsterkamer
  • Speakers: Jan Richner, Hamish Makgill
  • Organiser: G.F Smith & Christiaan Janssen
  • Costs: Free

Update 12-03: this event is fully booked

G.F Smith & Christiaan Janssen invite you to join the presentation of Extract, a new paper that aims to rid the planet of the waste generated by disposable coffee cups lined with plastic. In the UK alone, 81 disposable cups are used every second. That’s a phenomenal 7 million a day. To combat this problem, G.F Smith has launched Extract, which wil be available in ten colours, all inspired and drawn directly from nature.


  • 17:00 Gathering
  • 17:30 Launch of Extract by Jan Richner, G.F Smith
  • 18:30 Break: Drinks and fingerfood
  • 19:00 Studio Makgill: The Art of Making Jeeps
  • 19:45 Drinks and fingerfood
  • 20:00 End

In the second half of the event, Hamish Makgill from Studio Makgill (Brighton, UK) will talk about The Art of Making Jeeps.
The design of the American Bantham jeep was a response to a need for a new type, something that answered questions generated by the most exacting of circumstances – war. It was stripped of the unnecessary. It drew out exactly that which was deemed essential to purpose. It was just right – it was beautifully simple. Taking a leaf out of the making of the jeep, we recognise that creating designs whose purpose is clear, meaningful and composed of only the absolutely essential represents the best way to cut through the visual noise.