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Cocoa Paper by James Cropper awarded

On April 17, during the Luxepack Shanghai (event for creative packaging) jury members awarded the In Green Award to James Cropper for its Cocoa Paper. This was the second time the British paper manufacturer achieved an environmental accolade from the Luxepack judges.

Sustainable Chocolate Collection from Barry Callebaut

The paper is made from a by-product of the chocolate production process, an innovation that could save the skins of many of the 3.5 million tones of cocoa beans produced every year. The paper contains 10% cocoa shell content that naturally colour the paper (light brown) avoiding the need for artificial dyes. The other 90% predominantly made up of unbleached cellulose fiber from sustainable crops.
This bio-recycling solution was first asked by Barry Callebaut, manufacturer of cocoa and chocolate products. He considered how their environmental responsibility and waste recovery processes could be enhanced by reviewing their packaging.
The cocoa shells can be incorporated into the paper-making process without the need for any additional processing. The paper is in production and certified for use in the food supply chain. Chocolate bars can now be wrapped in paper made of the waste materials of the used cocoa beans.

James Cropper is based in the Lake District (UK) with a paper-making heritage that started in 1845. Since its inception the company has been stewarded and nurtured by six generations of the Cropper family. The paper manufacturer is renowned for its luxury packaging papers.

You can see the cacao paper at De Monsterkamer in Amsterdam.

Cacoa paper sample sheets (at De Monsterkamer)